Monday, 20 July 2015

Angelstartups Nigeria: PITCH2WIN 2015 OPENS!

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

All of the Presidential Media Chat

Well if you missed  the 7th edition of the Presidential Media Chat or probably you want to read more about it... a lot of issues were been discussed by the way.

A burning issue discussed is the missing school girls. President Jonathan said wherever the girls are, the military would get them. He said security personnel are working round the clock to rescue the girls and also pleaded with parents and guardians of the missing girls to cooperate with them to get the girls freed. He said no negotiation has taken place because no one or group has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping.

The President I want' - By Chimamanda Adichie


Award winning author Chimamanda Adichie writes about the current situation of the country and about the kinda president that is best for Nigeria. Read below..
Some of my relatives lived for decades in the North, in Kano and Bornu. They spoke fluent Hausa. (One relative taught me, at the age of eight, to count in Hausa.) They made planned visits to Anambra only a few times a year, at Christmas and to attend weddings and funerals. But sometimes, in the wake of violence, they made unplanned visits. I remember the word ‘Maitatsine’ – to my young ears, it had a striking lyricism – and I remember the influx of relatives who had packed a few bags and fled the killings. What struck me about those hasty returns to the East was that my relatives always went back to the North. Until two years ago when my uncle packed up his life of thirty years in Maiduguri and moved to Awka. He was not going back. This time, he felt, was different.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Wise Leaders Focus on the Greater Good - Daniel Goleman

Our times require leaders who are not only intelligent, but wise. Wise leaders develop strategies that target the greater good, not just an organization or individual. The more that companies, communities and the world-at-large appoint such leaders, the better off we will be. And the more skilled we become at spotting the potential for such influence in younger generations – and helping them cultivate these qualities – the better our future looks.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Exclusive: Learn How to Talk like TED

Ok guys, do you want to be a good speaker? they are just few ways of going about it, below is an article written by Guy Kawasaki on how to be a great and recognized speaker :::::::::::>>

Monday, 27 January 2014

Business: The 36 Most Valuable Start-ups on Earth

Career Post: How Can You Be Sure About Your Career Direction?

Let’s say that you want to reach the level of Director, or V.P. or maybe even get to a C-Level chair. As much as you say you want to follow this trajectory you have doubts. You question whether or not this is the right path and you look for evidence to prove, to yourself, you know what you want. You can lose confidence and berate yourself because you’re “supposed” to know what you want. After all you’re an adult. That’s what adults do, right?